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Single-sided monochrome print (1/0) back blank

Soft cover notebook in portrait orientation with rounded corners

Notebook cover: 250 gsm black natural paper with embossing and coloured edges

You can choose only one colour for both the embossing and the coloured edges: yellow, green, blue, orange, red or black

The embossing and the paper edges will be coloured automatically in the selected colour.

Please create a single-colour vector graphic with black set up as spot colour in your artwork.

Paper of inside pages: 90 gsm bright white writing paper with micro-perforation to tear out the individual pages

Number of pages: 96

Please note that you can upload only one cover design for each print job which will be finished in one colour only

The print-ready PDF file must contain vectors only. JPEG or TIFF images and templates are not suitable.

Visit our Support Centre for more information and tips on vector data.


Data format: 5.40 x 4.60 cm

Trimmed size (open): 30.30 x 21.00 cm

Trimmed size (closed): 14.20 x 21.00 cm

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Data info

Texts, objects and graphs must be created in 100 % black, no grey scales

Do not use any effects such as shadows, gradations, grids, Transparencies etc.

Preferably use sans-serif Fonts, e.g. Arial, Verdana, Helvetica etc.

Font size: min. 10 pt (3.5 mm)

Line width: min. 1 pt (0.4 mm)

Debossing can cause slight unevenness on the reverse side.

Insert only vector graphics (no pixel graphics/raster graphics) into your design and convert all fonts to paths.

Submit your artwork files as PDF only.

We will not check for spelling and/or typographical errors.

Comments will be deleted and not printed.

Form field content will be printed.

Production times

The production times listed apply – unless otherwise indicated upon receipt of your complete order (including printing data and payment) on working days before .

Notebooks13 working days 

The delivery time depends on the production and shipping times. Working days are Monday through Friday, NOT Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Product options
Paper cover

Colour of embossing and edges


Colors inner part

Data check

Production time

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£ 230.28 net
£ 276.34

Total price

Soft cover notebooks, A5

Paper cover:

250gsm natural paper

Colour of embossing and edges:




Colors inner part:

one-colour 3D grid

Data check:

without datacheck

Production time:

13 working days

Sum (net)

£ 230.28

20% VAT

£ 46.06

£ 0,00

Total price
incl. 20% VAT

£ 276.34

Shipment: approx. 2 working days, free standard shipping

Delivery approximately:

shipment by freight forwarder (depending on payment and print data receipt)

Total weight:
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